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    Editor’s Desk

    We are pleased to present to our readers the 4th Anniversary issue of Protector. The magazine in the last four years of its launch has continually strived to highlight the various initiatives of the police towards better cop community relationship...

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Security and Risk Management


A Secured Bank Means Secured Future

In 1950s people had no concern for security. It was a common sight to see children playing in street, doors kept open – unlocked even at night with no anxiety in our minds for any harm either to our person or wealth.

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Changing Faces of Forensic Science

Renowned scientist, Archimedes, once cracked a case of fraudulence, wherein he proved that a crown was not made of gold (as it was fraudulently claimed), by its density and buoyancy.That’s one of the earliest examples of...

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PPP Mechanism

One of the primary challenges facing both government as well as industry is to ensure the security of their computer networks and systems. Cyber security cannot be achieved in isolation by either government or industry alone. It requires joint effort and collaboration...

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ICE Software launched at Umang

With the increasing usage of internet, popularity of social networking sites and e commerce websites, cyber crime has been growing manifold. The menace of crime has been spreading its wings all over and the vulnerable and...

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Officers speak


Dr Mahesh Patil Takes Over Charge As Thane SP ( Rural)

Red Alert For Thane Night Life! The name of Vasant Dhoble assistant commissioner of police ...

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Efficient Policing Essential for Good Governance

Former Director General of Maharashtra Police D. Sivanandhan, who has left behind a glorious legacy and an enviable reputation of being a model cop, leader and administrator, talks to Satya Swaroop, Managing Editor...

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A feeling of Police as Protectors should be worked on

“The poorest and the women of the area I am incharge of should feel safe and secure- is the motto, which I work towards,” says Sangram Singh Nishandar, Addl. SP - Vasai...

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Citizens have to work -Satyapal Singh

It's been more than a year and half since Dr. Satyapal Singh took over as the commissioner of police, Mumbai. Those were very turbulent times for Mumbai police when he was assigned the task.

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Photo Feature

Recent Posts

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Stars Shine Better in Khaki Uniform

In Hindi cinema, a character that has remained a favorite with writers and with the vast film going public is that of the police officer. Why, even the current iconic blockbusters, Wanted, Dabanng and Singham, have stories centering on the grit and physical prowess of the hero who is a police man.

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Destined for Glory

The origin of early policing traces its roots back to Anglo-Saxon times in England. There, the early Kings demanded complete loyalty and obedience from each of their subjects.

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Evolving Technology in Policing

On routine patrolling one day some police officers spotted two men engaged in some suspicious activity near a very crowded market. The officers questioned them but did not get any satisfactory answers for their presence at the spot.

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The Indian Parliament has given its seal of approval to the new Companies Bill 2013, nudging companies of a certain size to invest two percent of their profits in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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