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Minister of State – Home ( Urban and Rural ), Rural Development and Food & Drug Administration


rajay_mantri_imgMy compliments and best wishes to the The Mumbai PROTECTOR as it moves into its second year of publication as the bridge of communication between the Police and the public. It is now all set to cover the entire State of Maharashtra. I must say that it has been serving its purpose with dedication and I am sure its contents will gather the strength of expertise and sharpness as it grows. 

The Maharashtra and Mumbai Police are at present meeting challenges at all levels. While preparing to foil terrorists’ attempts to take lives and numb the city’s uninterrupted progress as one of the world’s prime investment and pleasure destinations, the Police has to necessarily perform its basic role as law and order maintainers and saviors of the State’s hardworking population. It is not an easy double role! We who are at the helm of the administration of the State are certainly aware of and appreciative of the tireless work of the Police personnel of all ranks but how much does the public know? The media has an important role to play here but sadly most of the time it is the blemishes that get highlighted in the mass media. A niche publication like The Mumbai PROTECTOR is an ideal vehicle for conveying the true picture of the good work our men and women are doing to the educated community. 

In its first year of publication The Mumbai PROTECTOR covered the seminars held in the city by Mumbai Police extensively. The seminars were attended by important citizens and addressed by eminent thinkers and security experts from all over the country. The purpose was to create awareness in the public about the terror threats, the motives and objectives of the terror strikes and the possible means of future strikes that the public had to be cautious about. How many daily newspapers and news channels went all out to report the speeches at the seminars? Former President of India, Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam delivered a keynote address at one of the seminars which was a gem of a speech 

covering all aspects of the global threat of terrorism. How many newspapers gave importance to his serious speech? How does one take the thoughts of such caring and knowledgeable thinkers to the public? It can only be done through a publication like The Mumbai PROTECTOR which is dedicated to the cause of connecting the cops with the community. 

It is creditable that The Mumbai PROTECTOR not only brought out an issue devoted to the seminars with Shri Abdul Kalam on its cover to draw public attention but also compiled a collector’s mini volume containing the speeches delivered at all the four seminars in Mumbai and made it available to the public through book stalls. From time to time the Mumbai Police takes initiatives to better its performance and its wellbeing. Some of the best gyms in the city today are Police gyms which have come up in a span of one year. They are meant to keep our men fit. There have been health check up programs to ensure good health. 

>On New Year’s eve I took the initiative to distribute cookies to policemen on duty in the city as a gesture of acknowledgement of the sacrifice they were making, keeping vigil all night so that the energetic citizens of the city can ring in the New Year with gusto amidst the safety and peace they have been assured by our Police. I won’t say that I did something great, but I tried to make a difference. Protector prominently took such a gesture to the knowledge of the public. I had distributed a letter along with the cookies in which I had given my e-mail id. The following day I was happy to see my mail box full of cheering letters from the men and their families. 

It is a long list if one were to go on. On January 26, 2011, we presented President’s medals to 10 Police men for their outstanding and meritorious services. Here also The Mumbai PROTECTOR gave prominent coverage that it deserves in its latest issue. 

I am happy that the message is carried in the same way that it ought to be conveyed to the community and disseminate information regarding the various initiative of the police force. 

I am sure the The Mumbai PROTECTOR will grow from strength to strength in its mission of connecting cops with community and promoting peace. 



  1. Shehbaz Shaikh

    Whom to contact for problem in ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

  2. Tarachand R. nashiney

    Dear Sir, I have received Massage from DM_EOFFMA and My No is 1216808/2015/MOS_HOM ,But I can not my status of my complaint.Please let me know , How to find out.


  3. Tarachand R. nashiney

    Dear Sir, I have received Massage from DM_EOFFMA and my no is 1216808/2015/MOS_HOM, But i can not find out status of complaint. Please let me know how to find out.

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