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Dear Reader,


We are pleased to present to our readers the 4th Anniversary issue of Protector. The magazine in the last four years of its launch has continually strived to highlight the various initiatives of the police towards better cop community relationship. Over the years, crime has scaled new heights and has evolved into various forms. Petty crimes are not so much a challenge now, but the white collar crimes aided with the use of technology have been a challenge and have been unleashing terror in recent times. It is not physically possible for police to be available at all places due to so many constraints. Vigilant public in association with police can go a long way in checking the crime, crime detection and solving the cases. But all this is possible only through better cop community relationship.

Police can achieve its policing objectives effectively only if there is a close coordination with the public. And that is possible if there is a comfort in interactionwhich is created based on faith and belief that police is the Protector. Protector as a magazine has played a significant role in bridging the gap and connecting the cops with communities. All the initiatives towards enriching the police public bond have found expression in the magazine. This issue contains a feature on the Police Training Centre where 661 women police recruits passed out after obtaining an exhaustive and rigorous training. Dr. Satyapal Singh who took VRS during his
service as commissioner of police- Mumbai to join politics in an interesting interview elaborates on his tenure with Mumbai police.
Under the management of Himanshu Roy the Mumbai crime branch achieved a rare feat of 100% crime detection. An interview with the man himself is invigorating and awe inspiring. In an interaction Dr. Rukmani Krishnamurthy chairperson Helik Advisory Pvt. Limited elaborates on the vital role of Forensic Science in crime solving and how crime scene management is crucial to solving any case. Women and the less privileged should feel protected in his area is a priority of Sangram Singh Nishandar, Addl.SP- Vasai. In the last month there have been important shifts in the positions in Maharashtra. The three commissionerates Mumbai , Thane and Navi Mumbai have new police commissioners- Rakesh Maria,Vijay Kamble and K.L. Prasad respectively. An interview with Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, DG & CEO of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and the architect of this new Companies Bill 2013, nudging companies of a certain size to invest two percent of their profits in Corporate Social Responsibility is enlightening and enriching. Other than this there are many other articles which would be of interest to readers. We are certain that this issue would be as enriching and interesting to the readers in content as in the past.
Wish you a happy reading..

Satya Swaroop

Managing Editor

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