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Crackdown On Assets To Curb Crime

Joy Sengupta (Sourced from The Telegraph)

The police have decided to ensure gangsters’ properties are identified in a move meant to put a squeeze on criminals’ wealth. Deputy superintendents of police (DSPs) have been directed to ensure police station house officers (SHOs) in Patna make a list of criminals operating within their jurisdiction who have acquired properties.
Issuing the order to the DSPs deputy inspector-general (central range) Shalin ordered that the details be submitted to the police headquarters. The order follows the revelation that Durgesh Sharma, the suspected mastermind behind jewellery shop-owner Ravikant Prasad’s murder, was building a shopping complex near the Rajapur Pul area with a partner.
“The DSPs have been told to hold regular meetings with the businessmen and traders in different areas of Patna to ensure there is no communication gap,” Shalin said. “The police have to focus on tackling organized crime such as extortion. Hitting the criminals hard in their economic activities will put pressure on them, making arrests easier.”
He added: “All the SHOs should immediately work towards making a detailed list about the property acquired by such criminals. Once it is ready, the details will be forwarded to the economic offences unit for further legal action by the Enforcement Directorate. The DSPs have been given the task to ensure that the list is prepared without delay or discrepancy.”Sources said several criminals have lately acquired a lot of property, mainly plots, in and around Patna.
“It is a known fact that there are many criminals who use the money extracted through criminal incidents towards setting up properties with other partners,” said a city police officer. “The police have found such to be the case with jailed Mokama MLA Anant Singh. The legislator does not only own a lot of property but also a share in a prominent shopping complex in Patna.” Shalin stressed that DSPs must work in tandem with their respective SHOs to control crime in the city.
“A list of the major gangs involved in organized crimes in Patna needs to be prepared without delay by all the police stations,” he said. “Once a concrete list is ready, the police will be able to closely monitor the gang members and their activities. The DSPs are required to supervise this mission. Officers have to study the criminals’ movements and modus operandi to make arrests. Additionally, the DSPs have to suggest how to strengthen the check points set up all over Patna and increase their numbers.”Since Ravikant’s murder, the police claim to have nabbed nine men of Sharma’s gang. The cops, however, have no clue about the gang lord’s whereabouts. To infuse confidence among the city’s businessmen, the police announced round-the-clock patrolling in the Bakarganj area – a business hub where many jewellery shops are located.
Senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj told The Telegraph: “The (Bakarganj) area is a big business centre and houses around 300 jewellery shops. Instructions have been sent out to the local Gandhi Maidan police station that police should move in and around the area all the time, particularly between 10am and 6pm, the business hours. The businessmen should feel safe at all times and the police will ensure the same.”

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